Weight Loss Surgery In Delhi NCR

Weight loss surgery in Delhi NCR

Battling with weight is a struggle which may or may not produce good results. With hard work and smart eating patterns, one can help lose weight, they say. It does not hold good in all cases, although. It is because of the fact that some people do not show any results of workout and lifestyle habits. It is the surgical treatments that are beneficial and effective for people who want to get rid of excess skin on their body.  “Weight loss surgery in Delhi NCR” is done by a noted surgeon, Dr. Ashish Bhanot known for his experience and successful surgeries he has done.

The best weight loss surgery hospital in Delhi is AUM Clinics, Dwarka which not only takes care of its patients but is very professional in nature, and is complete dedicated and committed to the needs of the patients. People are sick of their increasing weight can hit the clinic as it removes their excess skin and extra fat present on the body. Surgeries done here are effective and help people losing people to a great extent that they feel confident and proud of their look.

Weight loss surgery in Delhi NCR to treat obesity

The bariatric surgeon Dr. Ashish Bhanot performs the  “Weight loss surgery in Delhi NCR” on patients looking to reduce weight. Some of the weight loss surgeries are gastric bypass, adjustable gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy, etc. The large portion of the stomach is removed in sleeve gastrectomy which results in a sleeve like structure. This surgery is done in laparoscopic way as small incisions are done and the patients get to recuperate quickly post surgery. Whereas in gastric bypass surgery, stomach is divided into two parts and the small intestine is connected to both the parts. The stomach is made smaller and the patients feel full with less amount of food after the surgery.

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding is also a surgery done with minimum incisions for obesity and weight related issues. Small incisions are done in this bariatric surgery in the upper abdomen. A gastric band is put around the upper part of the stomach in this type of surgery.

The other treatments used by the patients struggling to do away with obesity, at times, do not achieve long term results. Due to this, they gravitate towards surgeries which can guarantee them success and positive results. However, proper diet and regular exercising is recommended by the doctor even after the surgery.

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