Obesity can cause Infertility

obese infertile

Recent  research suggest 70% of women who are infertile as the result of body weight disorders will conceive spontaneously if their weight disorder is corrected through a weight-gaining or weight-reduction diet as appropriate.  According to Dr. Ashish Bhanot (Chief of  Bariatric Surgery and Surgical gastroenterology  at Nova Hospitals) :  Though Body weight has been given last  importance in infertility evaluation The body weight of both partners of the infertile couple must be considered . Dr Bhanot added that obese infertile women must consider appropriate  body weight disorder before subjecting themselves to expensive, time consuming infertility evaluation and treatment.

Sex steroid hormones—testosterone (the main male hormone) and estradiol (the main female hormone)—are lipid soluble – they dissolve in fat but not in water. Thus, these hormones accumulate in body fat. Once body fat stores are saturated with sex steroid hormones, they reach equilibrium with blood. In addition to the stored source of sex steroid hormones in body fat, the gonads secrete testosterone and estradiol to maintain the levels necessary to sustain reproductive function. In addition to the storage capacity of body fat for sex steroid hormones, adipose cells (fat cells) convert the weak male hormone, androstenedione, to the weak female hormone, estrone. Estrone, alters reproductive function. These complex interactions lead to  of impairment in reproductive function.

Obese women experience first, a change in their reproductive cycles. Their cycles become irregular, unpredictable and often heavy and prolonged. Heavy, prolonged cycles correlate with increased estrogen production in the forms of estrone and estriol. In addition, obese women will often notice the onset of dark (terminal) hair on the lower abdomen, face and between the breasts. This terminal hair results from the increased ovarian production of androstenedione  with obesity.  Although androstenedione is a weak male hormone, over time it will stimulate excessive body hair growth.

Treatment of obesity not only improves fertility of couple but also improves there social and sexual health. In Female  obesity treatment is not helping in infertility but also helpful for healthy Pregnancy and easy childbirth. In many men weight loss is helping  to improve in erectile problems  and sperm count.