How to gain weight healthily? Read These Tips!

best weight gain doctor in Dwarka

While the Obesity problem has reached epidemic proportions in India being underweight can also lead to serious health defects. However, people have many misunderstandings about gaining weight. They often ask whether they need to take any diet or consulting with the best weight doctor will be the right decision? Well, if you are also struggling hard to find the exact answer, then go through this blog. Here, we will learn some effective tips that can help to gain your weight!


best weight gain doctor in Dwarka


Some Effective Tips That Can Help To Gain Weight!


Don’t Skip Your Food

Those who skip food at breakfast often have to suffer from the title of “underweight”. It is advisable by the doctor to take at least 3 meals a day. Also, you can increase the calorie intake for gaining weight. This could be done by taking snacking between meals.

best weight gain doctor in Dwarka

Weight Training Can Also Help

To gain a healthy weight, you can go for weight training at least 3 times a week. It will help you to gain mass in lean muscle. For the continuous gaining of lean body mass, a person has to vary workout sessions by either increasing weight they lift or the number of sets. But, this all can be done under the guidance of the trainer.

best weight gain doctor in Dwarka 

Protein Shouldn’t Miss Out from Diet

Protein helps in muscle growth. Regular weight training with the consumption of 0.8-2.0 grams of proteins per kg of the body weight can help to increase the muscle mass of the body. Protein can surely work as the savior for bodyweight improvement. However, the proportion of protein in your diet must be consulted by the best weight gain doctor.


Drink High Calories Shakes or Smoothies

People with a small appetite may find difficulty in consuming heavy meals, in that case, they can go for high calories shakes or smoothies that are consist of gradients- yogurt, fruits, milk, nuts, peanut butter, seeds, etc. These nutrient-dense calories not only help to gain your weight but also improve the body mass index. At Fat Clinics, you can consult with specialists who can better tell how to gain weight.

best weight gain doctor in Dwarka

 Seek Help When Needed!

Sometimes even after the following tips, you are not able to gain the needed amount of weight. Isn’t it? Well, in that situation, you can consult with reputed Dr Ashish Bhanot who is highly experienced and proficient in providing weight gain measures. Till now, he has given treatment to many patients and renowned among people for giving the best results. That is the only reason; he is counted as the best weight gain doctor in Dwarka!

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