Multiple Lipoma Best Treatment – Fat tumour Surgery – Skin Lumps removal

Dr Ashish Bhanot Micro Incsion Technique Stichless lipoma treatment

Multiple Lipoma Best Treatment – Fat tumour Surgery – Skin Lumps removal

Minimally invasive Micro-Incision stitch-less procedure – Developed By Dr Ashish Bhanot  for Lipoma  removal Surgery  is Low Cost Daycare and Hundreds o Lipoma Can be Removed with Technique a Daycare  Procedure. This is one of the unique and advanced Lipoma removal technique for treating multiple lipomas without affecting the cosmetic appeal. It is a painless and stitch less surgery that involves pin hole incisions only thereby avoiding big cuts and chances of infections. This is  most successful and beneficial techniques for treating multiple lesions throughout the body, with negligible scarring.

Being performed as a day care procedure the patient has a quicker recovery, eliminating the need for the hospital stay.

While the chances of recurrence are very rare, this minimally invasive procedure is a very safe and advantageous procedure for treating patients with multiple lumps.

Lipoma on Both Arms Removal Experience

Forehead lipoma can be removed without taking incision on forehead Scarless technique

lipoma forehead treatment, scarless surgery
lipoma forehead scarless surgery

Ignoring lipoma fat tumour can be dangerous and can lead to cancer

The cost of Lipoma Removal Surgery
The cost of Lipomas removal will vary greatly depending on the complexity of the procedure and the number of lumps that need to be removed.

For an estimate on how much Lipoma surgery may cost, we recommend that you Call on +91 9210000084


Ashish Bhanot

Dr Ashish Bhanot renowned Proctologist colorectal and Bariatric surgeon from India famous for his work and research in ano-proctology and Lipoma Treatment. He is a founder of Aum Clinics with vision providing comprehensive healthcare solutions. He served as an honorary Professor of Surgery providing training to undergraduate and postgraduate doctors. He is a pioneer of many surgical procedures which helped masses getting a cure of complicated Anal fistula fistula in ano. He is renowned for using needloscopic, relatively pain and scar-free techniques for the treatment. He has impeccable records and possesses 25+ years of experience in the medical domain. He has worked as a Chief Consultant and Head Laparoscopic General at several prestigious National & International institutions.


He has performed over 15000 minimally invasive procedures. His list of patients includes almost all countries across the globe and every small town of India. Patients suffering from the most complex and complicated recurrent Fistula patients travel to Delhi around the globe to seek his opinion and treatment.

Also, he is one of the pioneer surgeons who recognize & acknowledge the increasing prevalence of obesity in India as well as foreign countries. His main aim is to expand the cost-effective and safe robotic surgery to make it accessible to people across the globe. He attends several health shows to spread awareness about the problems people face in day to day life. His work in the field of lipoma surgery, fissure and Complex Fistula Surgery, Bariatric surgery, Type II Diabetes, obesity, Colorectal Cancer, and Surgery of Hemorrhoids (Piles) has been recognized and widely Published.


Dr. Bhanot (MBBS, MS, FAMS, FIAGES) is proficient in performing laparoscopic and bariatric surgery. He graduated in medicine (MBBS) from Government medical college Amritsar and secured his master’s degree in surgery (MS) from MP Shah Government Medical College Jamnagar, Dr. Bhanot as Professor of surgery and was teaching students General surgery and he has innovated many new procedures which are cost effective for diseases like Multiple Lipoma Treatment  HerniavaricoceleHydrocelepilonidal sinusfistula in anopiles and weight loss surgery.

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