How to treat loose abdominal skin and belly Fat after Pregnancy and weight loss

How to treat loose abdominal skin after Pregnancy or after massive weight loss
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In patients with significant abdominal changes following pregnancy, non-surgical methods of treatments are rarely effective especially in women with hernias or divarication of recti.
If you have completed your family surgery should be considered as first line treatment for tightening of loose skin and fat around belly button. If a female is planning pregnancy in near future she should avoid surgery.

Tummy tuck and abdominoplasty along with complete abdominal wall repair is best procedure for Inch loss, Weight loss, tightening of lax abdomen after pregnancy along with fat removal from tummy.Extra skin and fat around belly button is removed with muscle tightening in complete tummy tuck whereas In mini tummy tuck only lower abdomen fat and skin is removed.

Patient from United states who underwent her abdominal wall repair at New Delhi India shares her experience about her hernia repair with abdominoplasty.

Complete process of tightening the Loose belly and removing excess fat for another Patient

Complete information on loose skin and fat around tummy

Another Patient with Loose Abdomen with hernia complete repair performed long term results

Similar cases have been successfully treated for patient coming from nigeria, afghanistan, kenya, congo,russia, uzbekistan, tashkent also from different parts of India sonipat, panipat, chandigarh,gurgaon at fat clinics.

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