How To Get Rid Of Bra Bulge 

How to get rid of bra bulge

The sides under the bra bulge out which look extremely odd and strange. It happens due to the weakening and undefined back muscles. In order to give wide berth to the bra bulge, one must do some exercises and yoga poses along with diet. Read the following pints if you are wondering how to get rid of bra bulge. 


Curious on how to get rid of bra bulge through yoga? Bend your knees by lying on your back and place the feet on the ground. Palms should be placed above shoulders and elbows should be bent. Your head, shoulders and hips should be lifted off the ground after inhaling and pressing the palms. 

Chest Press 

A dumble should be held in each hand while arms should be placed straight. Open your arms ( straight) out to your sides slowly, palms facing up. They should be extended until stretch is felt across the chest, shoulders and biceps, arms perpendicular to your body. Then, pull arms back up to starting position. Bring arms back down to the sides of the body, but this time bend at the elbows to create a 90-degree angle. Arms should be pressed back up to start position, squeezing the weights together. 

Plank Position : 

Plank position also works a good deal in getting rid of bra bulge. The left knee should be brought to the chest and it must be put back later. Then, right knee should be towards the chest similar to a climbing motion. Next time you think how to get rid of bra bulge, simply swear by the plank position. 

Seated Pose: 

Extend your legs while arms resting on your sides. The body weight should be shifted to the right bottom, bend knees, and legs should be on the left. Rest your legs on the floor, left inner ankle should be placed in the arch of your right foot. Lengthen your spine during inhalation. Twist your upper torso to the right while exhaling. Your right hand should be on the floor behind your body, and rest your left hand on your outer right thigh. Left palm should be turned up. 

How to get rid of bra bulge through change in one’s diet 

Make sure you do not skip breakfast and take a healthy diet. If you are into snacks, you should go for the healthy ones. Indulge in smaller meals instead of two or three large meals. Include fruits and green vegetables in your diet regularly. Cut consumption of caffeine and soda and increase the intake of liquids.

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