Get Rid Of Obesity with Bariatric Surgery

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The number of people suffering from obesity are increasing day by day. This may be due to our new fat filled diets. But many of these people just can’t seem to lose weight even with proper diet and exercise. Bariatric surgery is a well-recognized and accepted option for individuals with obesity. It helps them lose weight and address the many complications associated with obesity. Research shows that weight loss surgery plays a key role in the metabolic and hormonal changes that regulate both hunger and satiety. If you want to get a bariatric surgery then you should go to the best bariatric surgeon in Delhi.

But is bariatric surgery as effective as they say?

Factors that affect the results of bariatric surgery

The effects of bariatric surgery are dependent on various different factors. The most significant ones are mentioned below:

  • Type of procedure performed.
  • Every individual’s unique conditions and circumstances.
  • Does the individual follow his or her post-surgical plan?

Effectiveness of Bariatric Surgery

  • With a successful bariatric surgery, individuals can lose up to 10-35% of their total body weight within two to three years.
  • Moreover, patients experience great improvements from bariatric surgery if they suffer from any of the following common comorbidities of obesity like diabetes, high blood pressure,back and joint pain, heart disease and sleep apnea.
  • Over the time, many individuals need fewer medications or are able to stop taking medicine all together.
  • Sometimes, bariatric surgery eliminates these conditions altogether.

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Who is the right Candidate For Bariatric Surgery?

Even though bariatric surgery is a great weight loss option, not everyone needs it. If is only needed for an individual meeting the following criteria:

  • A Body Mass Index (BMI) more than or equal to 40, or being more than 100 pounds overweight.
  • When BMI is greater than or equal to 35, in addition to at least one or more obesity-related conditions, like Type II Diabetes, osteoarthritis, hypertension, sleep apnea, gastrointestinal disorders or heart disease.
  • The person has an inability to achieve a healthy weight for a sustained amount of time using other weight loss techniques.

Where to go for the safe and effective Treatment?

If you fit in the above-mentioned criteria and you wish to have a bariatric surgery then Fat Clinics is the place for you. They have many highly skilled professionals who will assist you throughout your procedure. They have expert doctors like Dr Ashish Bhanot who has successfully carried out many bariatric surgeries.

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