Fatty Liver Diet Plan | How To Cure Fatty Liver With Diet | Bariatric Surgery in fatty Liver

Bariatric surgery has become lifesaving for many, as this procedure is linked to improvements in obesity-related conditions. We were building on that trend by looking at bariatric surgery’s effect on NAFLD,said Dr Ashish Bhanot Chief Bariatric surgeon at Nova – Apollo group Hospital at New Delhi. Dr Bhanot described that Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a range of conditions caused by a build-up of fat within liver cells. It is very common and in many cases is linked to being obese or overweight.This fatty liver does progress to NASH in some people, and NASH progresses to cirrhosis in some people. Cirrhosis is very serious, can lead to liver failure and be fatal.

About 30 percent of the U.S. population suffers from this disease, which is increasing, and more than half are also severely obese. Dr Bhanot said the prevalence of NAFLD to be around 9-32% in general Indian population, with a higher incidence amongst overweight/ obese and diabetic/ prediabetic patients. Dr Ashish Bhanot said that  weight-loss surgery led to improvement or resolution of the condition in more than 90% of cases who are morbidly obese.It appears to resolve liver inflammation and reverse an early stage of liver fibrosis which is the liver tissue thickening and scarring through the lowering of liver fat deposits.
Case Study 
Mr Arvind approached Dr Bhanot  worried for his grade thee fatty liver as one of his friend who was on initially diagnosed as fatty liver later developed cirrhosis died of liver cirrhosis related complications at very young age.His anxiety levels were high as his diabetes was also worsening with HBAIC constantly remaining high inspite of proper diabetic medicines.His liver function test were also gradually deteriorating.Looking into his uncontrolled diabetes, overweight and grade 3 fatty liver Dr Bhanot advised  him gastric sleeve surgery. Surgery was performed with help of laparoscopy through very small holes also known as  Laparoscopy. Mr Arvind was able to walk and move around in hospital within 6 hours.His blood sugar levels came to normal from very next day of surgery. He was allowed liquid diet from next day  and given discharge on day 3 . Mr Arvind was very happy to lose weight but his happiness became many folds when  his investigations HbA1c, LFT blood tests for Diabetes and liver function which were not coming in control  became normal within 3 months.Mr Arvind also disclosed that his fitness level has almost doubled after this surgery which has not helped him not only in his work but also family life. It has also improved his libido and brought back  his sex life to normal which was almost ending.
Bariatric surgery, we can impact the prognosis of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease  and its natural history.