Everything You Should Know About Body Contouring Procedure!

Body contouring clinic in Dwarka

Non-surgical body contouring aka non-surgical fat reduction is one of the best ways to shed your extra fat. This procedure removes stubborn pockets of fat to contour and shape from the different areas of the body.

There are a variety of options available for non-surgical body contouring and fat reduction that uses a range of technologies. All are designed to destroy fat cells that lie just beneath your skin (subcutaneous fat) without harming the surface of the skin. Examples include Zerona which uses low-level laser energy, Cool Sculpting freezes the fat through Cryolipolysisand Liposonix makes use of ultrasound energy. Different treatment requires certain technologies to remove extra fat. However, to get this treatment, it is advisable to choose only the best Body contouring clinic in Dwarka!

Body Contouring Procedure may include:

  • Arm lift: Correct sagging or the upper arms
  • Medial Thigh lift: Bulging down the skin of the inner thigh
  • Facelift:Correct sagging of jowls, mid-face, and neck
  • Breast lift: correct sagging of breasts
  • Lower body lifts: correct sagging of the buttocks, abdomen, inner & outer thighs
  • Tummy Tuck: Reduce excess skin hanging over the abdomen

Who is a good candidate for body contouring?

Everyone is not a good candidate for body contouring. You are only applicable to this procedure if you are having these qualities:

  • Adults whose weight loss has stabilized
  • Non-Smokers
  • Healthy individuals without any medical condition that impair healing or increase the risk of surgery
  • Individual with realistic goals and a positive outlook
  • Those who lead a healthy lifestyle

Where to get the Body Contouring Treatment?

Nonsurgical fat reduction treatment vary widely in mechanism, hence it is advisable to consult with medical aestheticians who are possessed with years of experience. At Aum Clinics, our highly professional doctors use non-invasive treatments that go perfectly with your body. Also, you can consult with Delhi’s No. 1 Doctor Ashish Bhanot who is highly skilled and already gave treatment to many. So without wasting a minute, schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and demand, review your treatment options, and learn what results you might expect with non-surgical fat reduction.

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