Ditch these foods when down with cold and cough

Cold and cough – the names itself invite horror! Yes, when one is down with flipping cold and whooping cough, one tends to go down in the dumps. The entire balance of life gets disrupted with the arrival of flu. Care must be taken so that it doesn’t dial up and cause ,multiple problems thereby affecting our health. 

We all know that cold and cough come suddenly from nowhere due to some bacteria and virus. It is better we take care of ourselves and keep heed of what we eat. Our eating habits have a large impact on cold and cough. If you avoid certain foods. You can slacken off the impact and effects of cold and cough. 

Dairy Products

Do away with milk, yogurt, cheese, etc when you are suffering from cold and cough. Consumption of dairy products deteriorates the condition and and exacerbates the mucus making it thicker and sticker. 

Citrus Fruits 

Fruits like oranges, lemons and mangoes should be given a wide berth. Do not eat mangoes too. They are very deleterious for the respiratory system during cold and cough, else they are healthy. Go for fruits with high water content. 

Oily Foods

Get rid of oily and fried foods as they can increase the intensity of cold and make you sick, out and out. To avoid bed rest for many days, do not consume processed food which contains oil. OIly and fried food like fries, burgers, chips can add insult to the injury. 


Caffeine in any form, be it coffee or drinks, must not be taken to avoid the massive attack the cold and cough. Caffeine dehydrates the body, and can lead to the serious dry cough. 


Consumption of tobacco is very dangerous for health. If you do not cut away smoking from your routine even during cold and cough, it can have serious ramifications. It can cause throat problems and cancer. Thus, dispense with tobacco and lead a healthy, long life. 

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