Diet for Pregnancy!

Healthy Pregnancy begins before conception, it helps your body’s transitions
to early pregnancy in a healthy way and causes less discomfort. Here is some
nutrition advice to follow for a healthy pregnancy ever before conception.

Protein : 
Women need at least 80 plus grams of protein each day, it keeps 
preeclampsia and other difficulties in pregnancy at bay, women also have
been reported to not have morning sickness.

Fats : 
Consuming the right Fats is vital for baby’s brain development and the organs,
consuming butter, eggs, meat, nut and limited dairy is good way of getting fats.

Fruits and Veggies : 
They contain variety of minerals, vitamins and fibre that really can be helpful
during pregnancy , Leafy vegetables like radish can help raise levels of the
Vitamin K. 

Water : During pregnancy a woman’s blood volume increases, to keep the 
body replenished you need to keep drinking lots of water, it also helps in
fighting morning sickness and constipation. 

Things that should be avoided

Junk Food
White Flour
Soft Drinks
Packaged Food
Fried Food
Trans Fatty Acids

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