Coolsculpting in Dwarka

Coolsculpting in Dwarka

The localized fat people have do not necessarily go from the diet and exercises. People try very hard to get rid of weight and do away with that extra skin and fat on their body but nothing works. One treatment which can effectively reduce fat is coolsculpting or cryolipolysis. If you are looking for the coolsculpting in Dwarka, AUM Clinics in Dwarka is the one should look forward to where an experienced surgeon performs the procedure with his team of experienced and efficient doctors.

In order to reduce fat cells, there are certain non-surgical treatments or minimally invasive surgeries which use injected medication, heat or cooling. Cryolipolysis is a body contouring treatment which uses cold temperature to break down the fat cells. It is a completely non-invasive treatment which uses cooling. People who do not seem to shed their weight and fat prefer this kind of treatment.

Coolsculpting in Dwarka done by Dr. Ashish Bhanot

The treatment is also known as coolsculpting, and is an alternative to liposuction which is a surgical treatment. The controlled application of cooling targets the fat cells underneath the skin within the temperature range of +5 to -11’ C.The fat is processed by the body and dead cells are destroyed weeks after the treatment. Fat cells are frozen in this cooling treatment which die in the slow and gradual process of natural elimination. The overlying skin and other structures are not harmed in this procedure which is safe, effective, precise and controlled. Dr. Ashish Bhanot along with his team of doctors performs this treatment to the patients.

However, people who have cold-related conditions are the not the ideal or suitable candidates for this treatment. Also, candidates who have loose skin are not considered ideal.

The coolsculpting in Dwarka, done without anesthesia, can treat the stubborn fat. So, hurry up, and reach AUM Clinics to avail the treatment.

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