Best Bariatric Surgeon in Delhi

Best Bariatric Surgeon in Delhi

The current lifestyle and food habits have led to increase in various diseases and serious conditions. People are developing conditions due to the wrong and unhealthy lifestyle. Though by incorporating healthy habits people manage to control their weight, yet not many cope up with the onslaught of obesity. Surgery remains the only option when people cannot seem to get rid of their body fat. Dr. Ashish Bhanot, being the best bariatric surgeon in Delhi, serves as solution for all the obesity related issues people have.

Obesity is not an uncommon condition these days. On daily basis, we encounter so many people suffering from obesity. It not only causes physical ailments and chaos but also leads to a disturbed mental state. The societal pressure and barbs and remarks from people around can cause a great impact on the minds of people. Bariatric surgery in Delhi can help you get the better of all the problems and consequences of obesity.

Best bariatric surgeon in Delhi for treating obesity

In the bariatric surgery done by the doctor, the size of the stomach is reduced either by removing the portion of the stomach or with the help of a lap-band (also known as gastric band or laparoscopic adjustable gastric band). Surgery is important as an obese may affect his or health even more by developing diseases and conditions like depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc.
Indeed, Dr. Ashish Bhanot is the best bariatric surgeon in Delhi who treats his patients with total dedication and sheer commitment. A comfortable environment is provided to the patients so that they do not feel any kind of hesitation while discussing their problems.

Also, it is ensured in the clinic that the patients remain satisfied and relaxed. Proper care is taken of the patients so that they do not face any problem of difficulty. The dietitians and nutritionists at the clinic also recommend the best diet after the surgery done by Dr. Ashish Bhanot.

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