Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in Delhi

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in Delhi

There are many weight loss techniques these days, undoubtedly. But there is no effective way to lose weight for some. Obesity is a condition which can be done away with extreme hard work and dedication, however this is not true for all cases. Some people tend to be affected from obesity to an extent when it cannot be cured with diets and basic lifestyle shift like changes in diet, exercising, walking, etc. This is when bariatric weight loss surgery in Delhi comes into the picture.

It is one of the surgeries that are effective in treating obesity to a great extent as the portion of the stomach is removed by the doctor. Fat Clinics is a clinic where a renowned bariatric surgeon, Dr. Ashish Bhanot, performs the laparoscopic surgery in order to make patients get rid of obesity.

Bariatric Weight Loss surgery in Delhi for obesity

Obesity is a serious problem and it needs to be taken seriously as well. Obesity can be caused by the unhealthy lifestyle, genes, medications, lack of exercising and workout in daily life, endocrine disorders, etc. The impact it has on the health of patients is all the more worse as it deteriorates the health and condition further to an abysmal extent.

Changes in personal choices can help improve condition of people who have accumulated fat in parts of the body, especially around stomach and abdomen. Bariatric surgery in Delhi is done at Fat Clinics is done by Dr. Bhanot who does it various methods. Basically, it is done with the help of an adjustable gastric band, to remove the portion of the stomach.

There are no side effects of the surgery and the environment at the clinic is very friendly and supportive where each patient is treated well and amiably. Also, they get to share and discuss their concerns and doubts with the doctors without any reluctance. It is often seen that people are often dubious about the treatment and do not talk openly with the doctors. However, this is not the case at this clinic. They can discuss the bariatric weight loss surgery in Delhi in detail.

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